Coworking spaces and hot desking facilities are becoming enormously popular, and if you’ve ever set foot in a good coworking space you’ll know why. The constant smell of fresh coffee, the quiet chatter of people meeting each other and exchanging ideas, and the row of desks with people keenly concentrated on their work, is enough to get anyone’s productivity firing.


It turns out that a coworking space doesn’t just look like a motivating place to work, it’s proven that it is. In a report in Harvard Business Review, researchers ask people to rate how well they were thriving in their work on a scale of 1 to 7. People using coworking spaces both part time and full time had an average ‘thriving’ rate of nearly 6 out of 7, which was far more than people who work in normal offices.


So what is it that makes coworking spaces and hot desking so effective, and so appealing? Here are 5 reasons that renting a shared space will take your work to the next level:


  1. Keep yourself on track

The great thing about working autonomously is you get to be in control of what you do, when. However, when you’re working from home, what’s not so great is that there’s nothing to keep you from finishing off that bit of housework, taking that non-work related phone call, or going into the kitchen for that extra snack or five. Besides, not having a clear transition between when work life and home life starts and finishes can sour both your productivity and your wellbeing very quickly.


When you’re hot desking, you have the luxury of deciding what time you work, but it’s easy to shift into work-mode as soon as you walk into the coworking space.


  1. Collaborate with others

In a coworking space, you’re surrounded by bright, driven people, many of whom are happy to have a chat and exchange ideas with you. Also, if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, chances are that some people will be looking for the services you offer, and someone else will provide the services you’re looking for. It’s a win-win on many levels.


  1. Get a sense of community

Working from home can be a lonely gig. In a coworking space, you get to feel like you belong to a community of people who are passionate about their work. There are people to chat to in the kitchen, people to work with (see above), and looking around seeing that you’re not the only one grinding away at your laptop makes all the difference to your motivation levels.


  1. Build your identity

Particularly when you’re just starting out in a business or freelancing gig, most people find they spend time questioning themselves and the meaningfulness of what they’re doing. In the shared work environment, most people find they are introducing themselves and describing what they do nearly every day. Soon, you’ll be full of confidence as you start to be known as ‘the graphic designer’ or ‘the travel agent’ among your coworking community.


  1. Save money

For small businesses, bringing your team to a coworking space is usually a far more viable option than leasing office space. You can hire a serviced office, but even if you decide to go the hot desking route, most places have meeting rooms and all the facilities you need available to you, for a fraction of the cost of leasing an office.


The best coworking spaces you can find

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  1. Wahdan Arum Inawati

    how people meeting each other and exchanging ideas?

    1. Allesia Gardner Listing Owner

      It really varies, a coworking space can consist of anyone from 2 people to some of the larger coworking spaces can have hundreds of members. Often people connect with people from their own contact spheres- like services so they gain the most networking and skills exchange benefits.
      I recommend trying out different spaces to see which supports your business, style of working the best.