The revenue provided for vacant commercial spaces

Commercial space is the second-biggest cost for organizations. By Hot-desking, employees share a desk with others or not assigned a permanent desk and must find one when needed. Hot-desking arose as a strategy to save on space and vacant space of an organization provide good revenue by following options:

Rent out

You can see the extra space is utilized properly and on the same time make money by renting it out. You can make it available to other firms, entrepreneurs, and others searching for places to work.

Besides making an additional income, renting it out can brings the same benefit of hot desking by bringing different firms which can be useful for networking and their services might be useful for your business also.

Repurpose empty space

You can use the vacant space for additional use like another conference room, relaxing space for employees. By this way the vacant space can be used for organization

Recreational use

The vacant space can be used as recreational area for employees like game room with a pool table, table tennis or meditation or yoga space or fitness room. This will help employees to relax and create a happy environment which in turn will increase the efficiency of work of employees.


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